Tales from the Online Marketing Crypt #16

How the Gurus Are Setting You Up for Failure in Your Business (If You Let Them)

I am the impatient type of person. The moment I decide on what needs to be done, I want it done NOW!

Not tomorrow.

Not next week (heaven forbid!)

Ideally, it should have been done yesterday if I had things my way.

I’m sure I drive my team batty with my unrealistic expectations, but you know what? It’s a big reason why we are still thriving after 18 years.

You see, my impatience is to your benefit when it comes to our level of customer service.

The moment we receive a request, my expectation is that whoever is responsible for fulfilling it, should do it as soon as possible.

This fast-turnaround service has earned us a reputation for being dependable and trustworthy.

I dare say not a lot of agencies like us have that same reputation.

It blows my mind when I hear stories from clients who come to us saying their web person has ghosted them or takes over 2 weeks to get a quick website update done.

Is this a way to run a business?

Heck no!

Customer service is one of the biggest areas of focus every business should pay careful attention to. Without it, clients aren’t given much reason to be loyal, and they will quickly move on to find someone else who can provide them with a better experience.

But there’s another angle to being impatient that a lot of entrepreneurs fall victim to that is even more important.

And that’s their impatience to succeed.

They don’t want to do the hard work like coming up with a business plan. Or a marketing plan for that matter.

They don’t want to do their due diligence in exploring if their idea will actually have a market to sell to.

They don’t want to set up their books so they know their numbers. Budget? What is that??

The list goes on. That’s boring stuff they don’t want to have to deal with.

What they DO want to do is create.

Create a program that thousands of people will buy online so they can relax on the beach and reap the rewards without any effort. (Which is what the gurus promise.)

Write a book so they can become an instant best-selling author and keynote speaker, making thousands of dollars with each speaking gig. (Which is what the gurus promise.)

Build an Instagram account with 6-figure followers so they can become an influencer and make millions from amazing endorsement deals. (Which is what the gurus promise.)

These are just a few of the visions that entrepreneurs come to me with, but with no business plan to make this actually happen!

They want to skip all of the steps that are required to create a successful, sustainable business, because that isn’t fun or creative.

I get it. We all want to fast-track our success. We can all be impatient, especially when it comes to making money!

So if you’re guilty at all of skipping a step or two with your business fundamentals, it’s not too late. Stop what you’re doing, get help if you need it, and work on those fundamentals before you go any further in the creative mode.