When you decide to find a new pet from the online classified ads, keep in mind that there are many important things to consider. For example, make sure that everyone in your family really wants a new pet and that everyone is prepared to handle the responsibility that goes along with it. Make sure that you are purchasing a pet for the right reasons a s well. If your children have been begging your for a dog, for example, make sure that you are willing to step in and take over caring for the dog when necessary. If you want to get a cute kitten, make sure that you are willing to continue to provide care for it once it becomes a less affectionate adult cat. Body rubs

Purchasing a puppy or kitten from an online classified ad should only be done if you know that you are not buying from a backyard breeder. Purchase an animal from someone who seems to truly care about the animal, and preferably someone with the parents of the puppy or kitten on site. Of course, puppies and kittens have advantages too, since they are more social and adaptable.

Always, but especially if you are purchasing an older animal, pay attention to their temperament. Simply holding the animal can tell you a lot, and making a lot of noise, clapping your hands, and making sudden movements can tell you even more. If the animal reacts badly, you should reconsider your decision, especially if you have young children in the house. Of course, some animals just require a little extra patience or training, so evaluate on a case by case basis.

You should also consider whether or not the breed, age, and temperament of the animal are a good fit for your family’s lifestyle and schedule. If you are gone a lot, for example, a new puppy may not be the best choice.