Our Puppies

We spend a lot of time socialising the puppies in their first eight weeks of life. We understand the importance of this period and believe it is fundamental to give them the social temperament necessary to start a life with their new families and in their new homes.

Socialising them by playing with them at around four weeks of age, we give them freedom away from their mother and teach them how to play with their brothers and sisters. Most importantly, we introduce them to children, household noises (such as hoovering, washing machine, music) so they are not scared in new homes.

We breed quality kc registered German bloodline beautiful Rottweiler puppies. All puppies are ready and excited for their new home. We have over 15 years experience in this breed and we are proud of our extensive knowledge on German pedigrees.

We cannot stress this enough… Please do not buy one of our puppies, or any puppy, if you are not willing to commit yourself to the dog for its entire life.


Currently we don’t have any puppies available. Page will be updated after arrival of new pups.