The Impact of Life in Rescue Centres on Behaviour has made Phelps stressed

The Impact of Life in Rescue Centres on Behaviour in Dogs

Every year, it’s the same thing. We take stock of the abandonment of the summer before inviting everyone to go to shelters to adopt a cat or a dog. More than 100,000 animals hope to find a home and a normal life. The causes of abandonment are multiple: behavioural problems, death of the master, retirement home, hospitalisation, allergy. Arrival of a child, or simply because the animal has become too cumbersome are also potential reasons. Whatever

Tips For House Breaking Your Pup

A trained dog is a treasure to have. That is why all dog owners should take some time to housebreak their lovable pooch. Others may be hesitant at first thinking that dog training can be really hard. But there are easy ways that I did which you can follow to housebreak your canine companion. The first thing you have to do is to be aware of your new dog. Dogs are stimulated by various activities


Do Wolves Learn Better?

We came across a study which discusses the argument that wolves learn better than dogs. We found it extremely interesting and thought you may enjoy reading it too if you are as passionate about dog obedience and training as us. It was about how dogs and wolves can in fact learn from each other. This study was conducted by behavioural biologists at the Messerli Research Institute at the Vetmeduni Vienna and the Wolf Science Centre. What

old dog

Is It Too Late to Train Your Dog?

They say that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, but it really isn’t true. You can teach new tricks to a dog of any age, with a little bit of will and some understanding. Dogs are often rehomed as adults and must then adapt to fit into their new environments. This was the case with my own dog, who came to me as an adult. Like a lot of other new dog owners, I

Is Your Dog Behaving Badly?

How is your dog acting while you are away?  Does he bark constantly? Is he outside driving your neighbours crazy by barking at every little noise? Unless you ask your neighbors, you may not really have any idea what he is doing while you are not there.  Some dogs are just fine when their family is home, but have anxiety when they are alone. Of course if your neighbours get tired of it, they might file a complaint and