The worst habits dogs learn from US!

Man likes to attribute skills to animals that they do not possess. Equally often, he misinterprets what the quadruped tries to convey to him. We do not combine the effect with a cause, because with the development of civilization, we can think less. It’s sad but true …


We do not wonder where the north is, guided by the sun in the sky, because we have navigation on the phone. We do not pay attention to the smell of your body, which can signal a disease – we prefer to use cosmetics and perfumes. We are not thinking about the consequences of feeding birds with dry bread – after all, everyone does, so it’s probably not bad? And all the more we are not looking for logic in the behavior of the dog since it is enough to say that he is stupid, stubborn or malicious.

Dogs are intelligent, they can’t be denied it. But they think with simple schemes that we always try to complicate. We love to add our three cents instead of relying on simplicity.

When the dog lies on the armchair, we see in this desire to dominate the world. But when the same dog pulls us on a leash, we accelerate the step so that it does not break our hand. Thus, teaching the dog that it is worth pulling to get to the desired goal faster.

Dogs learn quickly. Especially what benefits them. And we … we like convenience. And it is these two different attitudes that cause problems so often.

Begging at the table

It’s hard to control the behavior that is responsible for the dog’s domestication. Once, dogs ate leftovers from bonfires, today they try to get bites on the table. It doesn’t matter if you eat candy or sit down to a hearty dinner. Next to you is a creature with huge eyes that are supposed to convince you of its great hunger. You feel a burning look on you, and remorse does not allow you to enjoy the taste of the meal you eat.

Therefore, wanting to reward a dog for calm behavior, and not to go out without a heartless man, you give your last bite to your dog. And this is the best way to teach a dog how to wait patiently at the table.

Pulling while on a leash

Finally, the time for the longed-for walk has arrived. Time to empty the bladder, carefully sniff the area in search of new things, mark your presence, contact with the environment. So many tasks to do and so few minutes!

Although, dogs don’t wear watches, they are well aware of the amount of time they have at their disposal. The dog doesn’t pull on the leash because he likes it. On the contrary, it is an element that often brings him discomfort. After all, it is worth enduring this few moments of unpleasant oppression, since the desired goal will be the benefit.

It doesn’t matter if the dog, by pulling the leash, gets to the place faster, reaches the chicken bone abandoned by someone, or manages to sniff the tree marked by another dog. He got what he wanted. And he achieved it by pulling the leash. With our consent, because why struggle?

Forcing playing

A long day at work, a list of responsibilities, dishes demanding washing. When a man tries to gather strength for all this, sitting down for a moment, a dog appears. With a ball, a jerk or your favorite toy. Initially, he timidly throws her under our feet, so that with time he boldly pushes his arms or legs. It deserves a little attention!

It’s just innocent banter and only for a moment. And since he has already brought it, it is not proper not to play. One, two and three. That is, every time a dog decides to feel like it. When we are in “work” attire, we turn a blind eye to these tendencies. It’s worse when we wear elegant clothes and the ball that lands on our knees drip with saliva.

Selective listening

Rewarding delicacies has both ardent admirers and categorical enemies. They are delicious – there is a good dog. And when the hand is empty, the dog suddenly does not listen to us. How did we get to this situation?

We usually attract the dog’s attention by waving sweets at his face. We can cheer the dog with shouts of “oh, see what I have here!” Or motivate more resistant copies with the words “come, I will give you something good”. As soon as the dog starts to approach us and presents the behavior we wanted, we immediately reward our four-legged friend. And even if he lies down instead of sitting down, so be he. He tried!

This is not rewarding, but so-called bribery. The dog knows in advance what it will get and whether it is worth making any effort. We give him the same choice – a dog can come to us, but he doesn’t have to. At most he won’t get a crunchy meal. And when the crunchy is not enough, sometimes we try more fancy goodies – a slice of sausage, chicken, a piece of tuna. Dogs learn fast: “Aaaha! If I get a little sick, I will get something better. Well, it’s surely worth it! “.

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