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Different Dog Toys To Give This Christmas

With Christmas approaching, it would be a shame not to use this time of year to spoil your dog. So, what are the best dog toys to get your dog this year?

Dog toys are essential accessories in helping entertain your dog and strengthen your relationship with it. But which one is the best to buy ?

If you are lacking inspiration, we have a few ideas for you !

Animal shelters and specialised websites can be a good help with their large collections of toys made for mans best friend. But let us show you the toys that seem the most interesting :

The Ball Thrower

Is there anything more classic and timeless than a dog ball? To get your ball game to the next level, why not get a ball thrower?

There are many different models and variations you can find:

  • Manual ball thrower: this allows you to throw the ball much further than you would be able to alone. They are perfect for use in the park.
  • Automatic ball thrower: ​ throws the ball by itself. It can keep your dog busy for hours!


Learning Games For Dogs

Who said toys were only made to entertain? There are many games for educating dogs which will make your dog smarter than a cat!

 Thinking games for dogs are simple to use : simply hide a treat inside the toy and your dog must do all it can to get to that treat.

Depending on the type of toy you choose, the dog has to lift certain parts or even press some down. In any case, these mind busters for dogs stimulate your dog’s intelligence and i twill have a great time.

Teddies For Animals

Another toy appreciated by dog sis the simple teddy. It is imperative to buy teddies made for dogs though as traditional ones will not survive a good chew.

With dog teddies, your dog has a real friend it can play with and it will always love to bring it to you as soon as you walk through the door.

Kong Toys

A final toy not to miss : Kong toys. This is a brand of educational toys letting your dog have fun and burn energy.

The point is simple : fill the toy with delicious wet food and your dog has to eat it. However, to get to the food, your dog will need lots of creativity and energy.

Soon, you will see that your dog will no longer be able to stay away from it!

Make A Personalised Toy For Your Dog

Do you want more ideas ? If you don’t want to go all the way to the shops, there is the last option of making your own animal toy.

With a bit of creativity, everyday objects can easily become toys :

·        The throwing ball

To create an easy-to-throw ball, all you need to do is put a tennis ball in a rolled up T-shirt.

Place the ball in the fabric, make a quick knot and form a brade with the ball. The brade will let you throw the ball further and more easily.

·        A biting bottle

A very similar trick to rolling up a bottle inside a T-shirt. Place the bottle without the lid inside a T-shirt make a knot at each end so the bottle doesn’t come out.

Your dog will have a soft toy that makes noise for it to have lots of fun with!

Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye on a dog when you give it a toy. This will make sure it doesn’t break the toy and swallow parts of it.


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