Tips For House Breaking Your Pup

A trained dog is a treasure to have. That is why all dog owners should take some time to housebreak their lovable pooch. Others may be hesitant at first thinking that dog training can be really hard. But there are easy ways that I did which you can follow to housebreak your canine companion.

The first thing you have to do is to be aware of your new dog. Dogs are stimulated by various activities and conditions to have to do their business. Of course, when they drink and eat, they will have to go potty later on.

Whenever your dog is playing, his bladder can also be stimulated. When the time comes, you simply say “out” or “outside”. This is to condition your dog and make him understand your word. Your dog will get used to it in time.

Part of your dog training is to praise him whenever he does his business in the right spot. Giving him some doggie treats when he gets things done can be very effective in your dog training. You can give him a nice pat on the head, or simply ruffle his fur to express your delight.

Once you see your puppy walk around in circles, then most probably he will have to go potty. This is the time when you command him to go outside.

Simply clap your hand or say the magic words. In housebreaking your dog, you have to make sure that your pet understands the things the he does wrong. It is not wise to scold him. You have to be firm but gentle. A great deal of patience is also needed in dog training.

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