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How Do I Remove A Tick From My Dog?

Common Issues for Pet Owners

Everyone who has a dog must know of the danger of a tick bite in a dog. As a dog owner one must be familiar with methods and techniques on how do i remove a tick from my dog? This kind of parasite must not give your dog a miserable life. After all, dogs can be your best companions and you shouldn’t risk losing them just because they got preyed by ticks.

What are ticks? Ticks are parasites and they normally victimize dogs. They suck the blood of the dogs until they die. Ticks are found in bushes, tall grasses, and in the woods. If your dog happens to be in a kind of environment surrounded by trees and tall grasses, ticks easily get themselves attached to it.

dog in grass
Ticks can attach to dogs in long grass fields

Ticks are the Most Dreadful Creatures

Dog owners’ hatred for ticks goes way beyond words. Ticks gives a dogs a deadly disease known as Lyme which is easily transferable to human beings on contact. When ticks infest your dogs, you should be well aware of it. As a responsible pet owner, you should know how do I remove a tick from my dog?

What are the dangers caused by the presence of ticks bites on dogs? There will be no danger if you immediately get rid of the ticks. But to give you a scenario of the things that could turn the situation into a worse one, ticks on dogs can be a major cause of other tick-borne diseases such as the Lyme disease and the Rocky Mountain spotted fever. When your dog loses its appetite or when it exhibits certain symptoms like lameness, fever, body pain and vomiting, these are signs that it is infected. But if you diagnose the problem right away and you treat it on time, your dog will be safe. If this happens, don’t become too relaxed because one day your dog will be infested by ticks again if you fail to take care of your dear companion.

dog tick
Ticks should be removed immediately

Extra Precautionary Measures to Take by Dog Owners

Ticks on dogs can be really stubborn. So, every pet owner must always be alerted in case there is a tick attack. To keep the dogs free of ticks they should purchase tick repellent. Then, apply the tick repellant to your dog so it will be protected against ticks.

tick repellent
Apply a tick repellent spray before walking your dog

You can also bring your dog to the local vet before you apply the repellent. This way you will be assured that your dog is not allergic to the repellent. If you fail to do this the repellent may cause more harm than the tick. So, watch out for chemical reactions when you apply the repellent on your dog. If there is no adverse effect, then your dog can take the repellant regularly.

Finally, there are other tick control procedures that you can do and products that you can buy for your dog. You can use tea tree oil or powder that is made to kill ticks. If you want to do it manually, you can use tweezers and gloves to collect the tick from your dog’s body.


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