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Dog Depression – Signs And Care

Dog Depression – Signs and Care   The dog depression is a very complex topic, considering that many specialists are not even coming up to the same conclusion if it even exists. Whatever we call it, though, everyone is agreeing that the dogs are capable of feelings and emotions and can have drastic amplitudes of their moods. It is important to recognize the moment unsatisfaction with overall dog depression or longterm apathy.  The problem with

How To Bathe A Dog? Quick Exercise

The Dirty Little Secret to Know How To Bathe A Dog Golden Retriever You don’t have to worry about your Golden Retriever, not loving water:  Most just love to jump into water — whether a lake or a puddle.  Taking a bath, though, may be another matter altogether.  Here’s your chance to demonstrate to your dog that baths aren’t the demons they originally thought and know how to bathe a dog.  And you’ll both benefit from

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Ingrown Hairs in Dogs

Dogs’ coats consist of a set of hairs that cover the skin of the animal, also called fur. The length of fur depends on the species; for example, boxers and bulldogs have shorter hair, whereas Retrievers and Bichons have long, silky or curly hair. Lively and brilliant, dull and brittle, it is a complete reflection of the health of the animal. Dermatological diseases in dogs are a key reason for consultation in veterinary medicine (apart from

Tips For House Breaking Your Pup

A trained dog is a treasure to have. That is why all dog owners should take some time to housebreak their lovable pooch. Others may be hesitant at first thinking that dog training can be really hard. But there are easy ways that I did which you can follow to housebreak your canine companion. The first thing you have to do is to be aware of your new dog. Dogs are stimulated by various activities


Do Wolves Learn Better?

We came across a study which discusses the argument that wolves learn better than dogs. We found it extremely interesting and thought you may enjoy reading it too if you are as passionate about dog obedience and training as us. It was about how dogs and wolves can in fact learn from each other. This study was conducted by behavioural biologists at the Messerli Research Institute at the Vetmeduni Vienna and the Wolf Science Centre. What